Welcome to Visayas Breeze Resort!

Thank you for your interest in Visayas Breeze Resort. This new project located on President Carlos Garcia Island in Eastern Bohol is spread across acres of captivating beaches, forest and field that slope gently toward the calm blue water of the Bohol Sea. Without question, Visayas Breeze Resort is located on the most beautiful, unspoiled, and idyllic stretch of ocean front property to be found on C. P. Garcia Island. In addition, Visayas Breeze Resort is the only resort located on this island.

Natural sand beaches and serene waters await you! Kasag Point Marine Sanctuary and Wildlife Preserve offer protected reefs and emerald-green rolling hills perfect for boating, swimming, snorkeling and hiking. View the nature of mangrove forests with countless bird species from our hilltop overlook. Guests can boat to dozens of secluded Islands for a private swim and quiet picnic.

Escape to the slower rhythm of island time from the balcony or hammock of your seaside cottage landscaped with lush tropical vines, perfumed orchids, and flowers.

You are warmly invited to enjoy all this and more amidst the refreshing breeze, a Visayas breeze, at Visayas Breeze Resort.

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rooms & rates

Relax in your native cottage with private balcony overlooking the beach and landscaped with lush tropical plants, flowers, orchids, and vines. Your private cottage awaits on a spectacular stretch of white sand beach. Affordable room rates. read more...

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guest services

Tours and adventures, internet access, transportation, spacious dining room and bar overlooking the beach with ample space for events like birthdays & wedding celebrations. read more...

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Family-style meals served beachside. Fresh Grilled Seafood. Quiet Surroundings. Enjoy sipping cool drinks in the open-air lounge and take in the stunning cobalt-blue sea while the chef prepares your catch of the day. read more...

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Fishing, Camping, Caving, Sea Kayaking, Beach Volleyball, Snorkeling, Hiking, Motoring, Biking, Swimming, Relaxing or karaoke with friends. read more...

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local attractions

Enjoy the beauty of nature at it's best! Visit nearby water falls, rivers, caves, exotic animals, and unique geologic wonders. read more...

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getting here

Visayas Breeze is located in the Bohol Sea near Ubay, Bohol and is 45 Miles East of Cebu City or 16 miles West of Leyte. You can boat to hundreds of secluded islands for a private swim and quiet picnic or drive to the many nearby tourist destinations... read more...

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Visit us to see the wonders of nature around Visayas Breeze Resort. read more...